We offer a wide variety of pet sitting and dog walking services. The following is a break-down of the available services:

Standard Services:

Standard Services are what are offered as a base for ALL of our members. Notice, we don’t nickel and dime for up-sells on things that should be basic and included.

  • Care of the home which includes, but isn’t limited to, turning lights on or off, taking trash out to the curb and retrieving cans, opening and shutting blinds, ensuring a locked home, checking gates, newspaper and mail retrieval, security system enabling, etc.
  • Disposal and cleaning of pet waste.  This includes scooping a yard or litter box, cleaning out bird cage papers, bedding for rodents, cleaning up accidents, etc.
  • Feeding and watering your pets as per your instructions.
  • Giving medicine, supplements, or other special care.

Signature Services:

Our Signature Services are where we help your pet feel comfortable, cared for, and make your absence so much easier to handle.  This is one area where we stand out, both in the diversity of the signature services offered but also in the amount of time spent in this one on one time with your pet.  After making sure your home is safe and secure the rest of the time is all about your furry pals.  The following is a standard list of our Signature Services but feel free to ask for other services.

  • Long walk.  We’ll take your dog(s) out for a long walk either at a vigorous pace or leisurely pace depending on your dog(s).  Even though you aren’t hiring us to train your dog(s) there are occasions where in the course of our walks we can even improve leash manners for you.
  • Play/Cuddle time.  Does your dog/cat/ferret feel better when he or she gets personal attention playing around on the floor, with toys, or just cuddling?  A lot of our member’s pets can get stressed when their owners are gone and often just the act of cuddling for a good long time can ease a great deal of stress.
  • Fetch/Frisbee.  Do have an active dog or cat that needs to get the wiggles out?  Some dogs or cats can get destructive while their owners are gone due to excess energy that isn’t getting spent.  A lot of our members report less or even no destruction from normally destructive pets when they get a vigorous game of fetch.
  • Hide and Seek or Search.  Do you have an intelligent dog or cat that enjoys using their mind in games?  Because of our training experience we are great at putting together hide and seek games, search for toys or treats, or other activities that can stimulate the mind while you are gone.  For a lot of pets this can be critical in preventing anxiety, destruction, or other bad behaviors while you are gone.
  • Obedience training.  Are you involved currently in an obedience training program?  In our consultation you can give us some of the details of the program and we’ll work with your dog on your obedience commands while you are gone.  How would it be to come home and have your dog be even more obedient?
  • Treadmill training.  Does your dog know how to use a treadmill?  If so, we can get your dog on the treadmill while you are gone in order to really tire your dog out.  If your dog doesn’t know how to use the treadmill maybe we can help.  Some dogs will pick it up quickly.  Other dogs will take more time so we can’t guarantee complete treadmill training by the time you get back but we can often get a good start on it for you.
  • Agility training.  Do you have a close neighborhood park within walking distance?  If so we can often work on what we call ‘park agility’.  What we do is use the park equipment to teach fun agility games to tire your dog out and keep his or her mind active.
  • Laser pointer fun.  Some cats and dogs love playing with a laser pointer.  If you’ve got one you use we’ll be happy to have a rousing game of ‘laser tag’.
  • Have any other needs? Just ask and we can likely do it!