Welcome To Utah Pet Sitters

Welcome to Utah Pet Sitters, Salt Lake City’s most unique pet sitting and dog walking company.  We offer only premium and exclusive services for Salt Lake City’s most discerning and caring pet owners.

We do things different than our competitors….very different.

The types of services we offer are unique and not offered by our competitors.  The level of expertise we have is unmatched.  We offer longer visits, more pampering to our member’s pets, a larger suite of offerings, and more attentive service to our members and their pets.

We are unique in that we’ve been in pet care and training for years in the Salt Lake City area.  While many pet lovers will get into pet sitting on a whim few of our competitors have the experience and expertise necessary to care for both owners and pets in a way that is safe, secure, and most importantly, leave you with the peace of mind that both your home and pet are well taken care of while you are away on business or vacation.

Because our sister company is Utah’s most well known and awarded dog training company, CommuniCanine, our staff is the most experienced and educated on behavior in the state.  What that means to you is that our staff is best prepared to make sure that your pet’s mental health and behavior are looked after, safe-guarded, and your pet can have the most comfortable absence from you possible.

We invite you to check out our site and contact us with any questions.